Loess Plateau Double Dizi Concerto

黄土情 窯上的馬兒奔馳而過,黃沙揚起乾燥的風,窖下的人兒勤工作,只因這是我們最摯愛的城堡。一曲梆笛和曲笛在黃主高坡上的對唱,在濃郁的西北風味中,我們探見高亢而豪放的情懷,我們感受委婉而深沈的旋律,這正是黃土人民對家鄉的深情演出。 樂團/小巨人絲竹樂團 笛/施美鈺 黃俞鈞 作曲/瞿春泉 2010.4.29 絲竹室內樂系列 絲弦情XII 地點/台灣.台北市.國家演奏廳 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRrmIFu_rRs  QU Chunquan, Loess Plateau Double Dizi Concerto, SHI Meiyu and HUANG Yujun with the Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Classical Chamber Music Series – Love of Strings XII, conducted by Dr. CHEN Chih-Sheng, National Recital Hall, Taipei, Taiwan, April 29, 2010. With horses galloping

Jan 2017 – “Monkey Queen”

Storyteller and writer Diana Tso presented “Monkey Queen”, music composed and performed by Marjolaine Fournier (daruan and percussion), and Patty Chan (erhu).  As part of a storytelling festival at Arts Court Theatre in Ottawa, “Monkey Queen” tells of the adventures of the female warrior as she travels from Canada to India.

2016 World Premiere of “Comfort”

Red Snow Collective’s Comfort – Written by Diana Tso. Direction, Music Direction, Movement and Scenic Design by William Yong. Music by Constantine Caravassillis. Live musicians: Patty Chan, Cathy Nosaty, Brandon Valdivia. Lighting by Rebecca Picherack. Costume by Erika Chong. Set Construction by James Kendal. Photos by Dahlia Katz. Comfort: A love story about two teenagers in